Adaptable Modular Locker System.



A solution that meets your needs.

Our locker system can be adapted to work in an environment without Internet access or electricity. Extension modules allow easy upgrading from a simple key locker system to a full-fledged kiosk supporting real-time purchases and payments.

Whether you are looking to offer customers the convenience of self-collecting their parcels 24/7 or a way to increase sales by selling your products through automated kiosks, our locker solution can meet those needs.

At the core of our locker solution lies the Locker One App, our proprietary application system developed with a strong focus on Ease of Use, Extensibility, Security and Accountability. The Locker One App manages and controls locker access, user messaging, status tracking and reporting. Optional advanced modules such as inventory management and real-time payments are available to extend Locker One App functionality further.

Locker One App

Built with the user in mind.

The ability to offer a great user experience is vital to encouraging and sustaining high locker usage. Locker One App offers unique features that improve usability and provides users with peace of mind.
01. Multiple Modes of Access.

Locker One App offers users the maximum flexibility in choosing how they wish to receive their locker access PIN. Users can retrieve their locker PIN through Locker One App Website, using the free Locker One Mobile App (Android / IOS), or simply through SMS.

02. Complete Privacy*.

Using the Locker One Mobile App, users need not share personal data such as mobile numbers with our platform.

* Anonymity mode in Locker One App needs to be enabled by the administrator.

03. Full Accountability.

Locker One App logs the date and time of all locker accesses. Reports can be generated and downloaded for dispute resolution or audit purposes.


Affordable and transparent.

You can set up a locker system powered by Locker One App for as low as $50/mth.
Example of a basic locker configuration
15-doors locker with numeric pin locks
Package Includes:

  • On-site locker installation and 2hrs training
  • Locker One App
  • Free Locker One Mobile App for users
  • On-site locker maintenance (Faulty lock replacement / repair)
One-Time: $200
Monthly: $50*
* 12-mths contract.

Optional Addons

SMS Access
Dedicated Mobile Number $150/mth
Outgoing SMS $0.10 per SMS
Incoming SMS $0.10 per SMS


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